Alberto Arribalzaga

Alberto Arribalzaga

Born in a Euskal-Herría village, Basque country, is the third of Angel and Dorotea’s Children. Had contact through his father with his village ancient culture related to loving the sun and specially loving mother earth. Amalurra.

Since his childhood He has an atraction for alternative-spiritual-esoteric knowledge related to healing, he got into Taoism study, Chinese traditional medicine, Hinduism, etc.

Continued his search for knowledge to helping him in his self-growth and his spiritual development, had contact with: The Rosacruces, Gnosis, Gurdieff Teaching.

In 30 years of hard studies became expert in: Acupuncture, Taoism, Osteopathy, Cromotherapy, Geobiology, etc. all integrated by the master technique KINESIOLOGY THAT MAKES VISIBLE WHAT IS INVISIBLE..

In this discipline He performs as a great professional of complementary medicine and also a widely recognized iNSTRUCTOR TRAINER.

One of his best faculties is the capacity to simplify the concepts and extract new aspects that helps in people healing and makes easier for the students to understand.

His life is completely dedicated to share his Knowledge and give therapeutic sessions with amazing results.

Years ago he got contact with Sacred Mayan Knowledge given by priestess VENERABLE GRANDMOTHER NAH KIN. This knowledge has integrated the healing experiences and it’s a way to achieve a deep self-knowledge.

When he was 52 years old he entered in communion with Eugenia Casarín in marital union, transforming his life circumstances. He deepens in Sacred Mayan Wisdom and in the experience of sacred universe rituals and ceremonies. At the present time He is fully involved in enhancing and the healing application of this knowledge. 
His interest in contacting spiritual world took him to obtain knowledge about angels, couple’s relationship, Kabala, etc.
The Masters say about him:
“He’s been chosen because of his profound determination of sharing the light and wisdom and his FAITH and love to the DIVINE CAUSE”.


Touch of Health School Instructor Trainer of all the courses of this School
T.F.H. 1° - 4° level

Advance Kinesiology School

Kinesiology Understanding Basis
Principles of Healing
Innate Intelligence
Fears, Habits and Believes
Blue Print I (DNA typing)
Blue Print II
Emotional Patterns

Multidimensional Biomagnetism

LEVEL I - Biomagnetic Hologram Harmonization related with body and soul, eliminating Virus, Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites.
LEVEL II - Organ revitalization, New Light and Body programs printing, erasing the existing programs previously.

Three in One School
(Body- Mind- Spirit)

Work tools
Conscious Learning Improvement
Under the code (Structure- Function)
an Advanced Brain
More than words (Structure- Function)

Sacred Mayan Knowledge
Mayan Healing Wheel - Basic
Mayan Healing Wheel – Advanced; includes brain neurology formats and also organs and glands, multidimensional harmonization from physic-emotional-mental till genetic blood type and the soul.

Angelic groups and Kinesiology
Level A - co-creation with the light kingdoms of the life we wish, modifying genetics, soul programs and the universe.
Level B - the veil of Isis elimination, access to superior intelligence kingdoms and accelerated incorporation of the divine archetypes, release of bonds with darkness kingdoms.


Brain Formats
Levels and Neurologic Paths
Structural Kinesiology I
Structural Kinesiology II
Kinesiology and Angelic Kingdom

Healing Model
Healing Model includes genetics, soul and connection with the being which considers essential the co-creation with Light kingdoms (father-divine mother-christic consciences-angelic groups and spiritual masters) besides physic, emotional, mental and neurological.



Angelic Groups In the wake of the Divine Archetype

Angelic Groups