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The cosmic energy that is receiving Mother Earth is promoting the Generetion of the superior DNA which facilitates to get the Christic qualities . To get these qualities faster we have to apply other methods THAT CODIFIE BIOENERGETIC STRUCTURES. That’s why we use mudras in master points which allow us to access to different MORFOGENETIC FIELDS, where we can introduce the archetypes that people want to manifest, as FREE BEINGS, PROSPEROUS and HEALTHY. Getting us free of limitations, fear and sickness patterns.

It’s a powerful process of healing that Works with the highest solar codes for an authentic transformation.

During the therapy we are assisted by Angels, Masters of Light, Kinich Ahau’s spiritual solar power and all the Galactic Divine force.

Through the kinesiology test we recognize elements that interfere in our health, life, joy and wellness, and they start being removed by techniques , intense and strong exercises, to finally absorb the superior qualities that make us manifest a full, happy life that we all want.

That’s why this session is the most powerful process of healing in different levels that can be offered nowadays.



Angelic Groups In the wake of the Divine Archetype

Angelic Groups