Kinesiology seminary


New Solar Body

The Goal of this seminar is to help therapists, in the easiest way, to make a quantic jump in their therapy oriented in health and personal and spiritual growth.

A. We take the impulse of galactic sun and the Maya solar wisdom keys.

B. Kinesiology makes us easy the communication tool (muscle test) with the unconscious and supra conscious with great results. Also it provides us of a systematic protocol able to adapt to any being particularities. With this we are capable of detecting the systems (chakra, Organs, Glands) unbalanced or sick.It’s important to us to offer the most adequate healing to each need, because that facilitates getting the life objectives.

C. We use powerful techniques to activate conscious, supra conscious, and biological Human being capacity. As the Kinich Ahau Glyph, Ambers with the SIGN of THE NEW TIMES, crystals with 20 Esencies/Glyphs of the Wheel, Sacred Geometries (Sacred healing SPACES), Moon stones, Labradorites, Goddess essence and Benjui Oil. And the very,very special systems to access QUANTUM FIELDS,and the FIELDS OF LOVE.

D. The Mudra and Master Points combination to decodify the systems (Immune, Endocrine, Chakras, Organs, Glands, etc.)In an specific way and also with their relationships, in order to treat them in a particular and accurate way, or in connections established by them. Always by PRIORITIES.



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