Testimonial: Holografic Biomagnetism

C.D: 34 years old, rhinitis. Degenerative program of “I Cannot” deactivated. 90% of symptoms were reduced.

M.C: 41 years old, hepatitis C. Degenerative program of “hate, guilt and rage” deactivated, decrease of the viral load.

N.I: 51 years old. Economic problems derivate of unpaid business during several years.. Degenerative programs of “everything costs me” + shock-trauma. They started to pay him 2 days after.

R.C: 72 years old: E.C: 63 years old. J.R: 51 years old: They all had extreme fear and went to psychological treatment for years. Deactivation of degenerative program of “Fear + shock-trauma, disconnection with creator. The whole phenomenon disappear.

F.A: 59 years old. Diabetes. . Degenerative program deactivation of “no one loves me” “sadness” “loneliness” + shock-trauma, disconnection with creator. After that Glycaemia levels were regulated.

R.D: 50 years old. Migraines and depression: Deactivation of degenerative program of “Humiliated” + “no one loves me” + “Rage” + outraged hologram + creator disconnection. Neurological network of “betrayal” erased. Migraines and depression disappeared.

E.O: 50 years old. Arterial hypertension: Deactivation of degenerative program of "Rage", "Abandon", “Resentment" and "Fear "+ shock-trauma hologram, betrayal and disconnection with creator. He quit using antihypertensive drugs because his blood pressure numbers are normal.

L.P: 54 years old. Breast Cancer. Deactivation of degenerative program of "I feel abandoned" + disconnection with creator hologram. She asked for another biopsy and they declared it as a benign tumor.

M.L: 16 years old. Inability to retain information. Deactivation of degenerative program of "I Cannot" + “I am right” hologram, spectacular improvement in school and grades.

L.C: 37 years old. Metrorhagia. Deactivation of degenerative program of "Fear" + shock-trauma. The bleeding stopped.

A.M: 13 years old. Depression, suicide attempt and self-mutilation. Deactivation of degenerative program of "Fear", "No one loves me" and erase the neurological network of “I am good for nothing" + shock-trauma, disconnection with creator hologram. Change in the behavior, She quit using antidepressive medication and she recovered her self-esteem.

M.G: 47 years old. Chronic pain in one arm since an accident, depression. Deactivation of degenerative program of "Hate" + shock-trauma hologram + betrayal. Full recover of arm’s mobility and depression was over.

A.P: 53 years old. Gastritis, Esophageal varicose veins. Deactivation of degenerative program of "Rage" + shock- trauma. Got better in digestive system.

D.T: 46 years old. Depression. Was erased the Limiting neurological network of "I feel alone" + shock- trauma. Sadness was gone.

F.C: 44 years old. Allergy, hives and migraine. Was erased the Limiting neurological network of "Rage" and "Fear" + shock-trauma hologram disconnection with creator. The cutaneous condition and allergy disappeared

A.E: 45 years old. Depression. Deactivation of degenerative program of "I feel sad" + shock-trauma hologram and Limiting neurological network of “hate” was erased” + disconnection with creator hologram. He returned to work and to normal life.

M.E: 46 years old. Economic problems. Deactivation of degenerative program of "I don’t deserve it". His work increased and also his gains.

R.C:72 years old. Vertigo. Limiting Neurological network of “Fear” was erased ". The vertigo disappeared completely.

M.D: 17 years old. Migraine. Limiting Neurological network of “I Can’t” was erased + hologram of “I am right”. Migraine stopped.

J.N: 52 years old. Irritable bowel syndrome. Limiting Neurological network of “I am worthless” was erased, all the symptoms of the digestive tract disappeared.

I.S: 50 years old. Trigeminal Neuralgia. Limiting Neurological network of “Guilt” was erased y "Betrayal "+ hologram of “I’m right”, “humiliated” and shock-trauma. All the symptoms disappeared.

D.C: 5 years old. Recurrent falls, injuries and accidents. Limiting Neurological network of “aggressiveness” was erased, He stopped injuring himself.

D.C: 5 years old. Inability to sleep through the night. Limiting Neurological Personality of “Fear" was erased, He sleeps all night.

In summary we can establish a connection between PERSONALITIES (neurological networks) and different blocks or symptoms appearing sickness (because for us, sickness doesn’t exist by itself. It is the last stage of the unbalances between the soul/self and the body)

- Economic problems related to work: neurological networks of “I can’t”, “I don’t deserve it”, “I’m worthless”, “Everything costs”.

- Problems with sentimental relationships: “Jealousy networks”, “Betrayal”, “I’m worthless”, “I don’t deserve it”, “Selfish” and “I’m right”.

- Diabetes: networks of “”nobody loves me”, “Loneliness”, “Sadness” “Bitterness”, “Fear”, “I’m worthless” and “Guilt”.

- Depression: networks of “Hate”, “Loneliness” and “Sadness”.

- Migraines: networks of “Rage”, “Hate”, “Fear” and “I can’t” + abused hologram or I’m right.

- Asthma: networks of “Fear”, “Abandon” and “Guilt”.

- Gastritis: networks of “Rage”, “Hate”.

- Lumbar and sciatic hernias: networks of “I feel obligated” and “Fear”.

- Cervical Hernias: networks of “I’m worthless” and “Fear” + I’m right Hologram.

- Accidents and injuries: Networks of “Rage”, “Anger”, “Aggressiveness” and “Guilt”.

- Cardiac ischemia: Network of “guilt” and “I failed”.

- Neuralgia: Networks of “Guilt”.

- Vertigo: Networks of “Fear”.

- Insomnia: Networks of “Fear”.

In every of these cases are taken out the involved energies in the neuronal networks and holograms.

Greatness of this technique is so powerful, that when you get rid of the neurological network caused by the emotional situation, the energy in the auric field (toroidal) stops manifesting. Also it stops attracting people and situations related. The deactivation of a neuronal network and the implicated hologram makes this possible, that why we are convinced that this can be scientifically proved in order to benefit a larger number of people.

We are putting all of our energy into looking for support to be able to prove this in a scientifically way (with Brain Scans) the change in neuronal level, which is visible after deactivating the networks, we’ve proved the radical change in the patients in a behavioral, emotional, physical and energetic level and THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!! This technique is changing the life of entire families.

More Testimonial

DB:65 years old
Diagnosis:Diabetes mellitus 2 type and hypertension.
Results:disappearing of diabetes and hypertension
AF: 5 years old
Diagnosis:Aggressiveness, nightmares, Nocturnal enuresis.
Results:is no more aggressive, sleeps all night long without bedwetting.
FG:49 years old
Diagnosis:wanted to work with its material abundance and also with the emotional state (insomnia, fear, anxiety).
Results:is experimenting his best time in business, sleeps well and is feeling happy.
MC:19 years old
Diagnosis:Anxiety, problems with focusing.
Results:is getting better grades at college and she’s feeling relaxed.
Sessions: 1
CD: 11 years old
Diagnosis: Introverted
Results: is more caring, communicative and social.
Sessions: 1.
P1: 32 years old
Diagnosis:Amenorrhea started 17 years ago.
Results:her menstrual period is normal now.
Sessions: 1
P2: 22 years old
Diagnosis: uterine cervix cancer,
Results:cytology was not required anymore.
Sessions: 2 biomagnetism sessions and 2 formatting sessions.
P3: 12 years old
Diagnosis: rebel attitude to his grandfather and uncle’s death because he saw them as fathers, problems with learning achievement.
Results: improved in 70% his learning achievement and fully in his behavior and personality.
Sessions: he is an active member of the sacred geometry workshop for troubled teens.
P4: patient with breast cancer in the right side
Results:she is under observation to avoid the cancer comes back, The Drs. don’t know what happened.
Sesiones: 6
Jacobo: 37 years old
Diagnosis: he was biting his nails every 10 minutes,
Results: he hasn’t bitten them again
Sessions: 1
Diagnosis: lumps in both breast
Results: most of them disappeared
Sesiones: 2
Hugo: 4 years old
Diagnosis: eating disorders. Diagnosed as coeliac.
Results: now he eats anything.
Sessions: 4
Maricarmen: 63 years old
Diagnosis: severe depression diagnosed years ago.
Results: She reduced a half her medication, She’s got joy for life and focuses in another point of view.
Sessions: 4
David: 5 years old
Diagnosis: Nightmares and aggressive behavior.
Results: falls sleep at night and his behavior is normal.
Sessions: 3
Darmesi: 21 years old
Diagnosis: Bulimia<.br/> Results: she has a balanced diet and stopped vomiting her food.
Sessions: 2
Sr. Miguel: 54 years sol
Diagnosis: Severe alcoholism
Results: in a 2 years process of quitting alcohol .Now he returned to work and is in the process of recovering his family.
Sessions: 8 with biomagnestism and 6 sessions with another disciplines and recommendations.
Sr. Jose Isabel Valdez: 59 years old
Diagnosis: Brain Stroke.
Results: the patient recovered 85% movement, 60% of speech and 90% of memory.
Sessions: 6 with biomagnestism and 6 sessions with another disciplines and recommendations.
Sr. Fernando Espinoza: 68 years old
Diagnosis: Chronic pulmonary emphysema.
Results: Symptomatic improved in 90%, the doctors took off the prescription drugs.
Sessions: 5 biomagnestism and 3 sessions with another disciplines and recommendations.
Sr. Timoteo Cruz: 56 years old
Diagnosis: Diabetes.
Results: after fourth session was no longer necessary anti glycaemia supply. Extraordinary recover of his foot.
Sessions: 3 biomagnestism and 3 sessions with another disciplines and recommendations.
Sra. Natalia: 69 years old
Diagnosis: Hypertension, diabetes and, Diabetes y chronic colitis.
Results: Colitis disappeared in the second session, sugar blood levels got stabilized after fourth session (medication decreased) Hypertension disappeared after 6th session.
Sessions: 3 biomagnetism and 3 sessions with another disciplines and recommendations.



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